At LifeSurge, we are a team of energized, motivated individuals who set out to change the way we perceive and approach optimal health. Our endeavour is to provide customer-centric formulations that empower medical practitioners and the general populace to pursue a healthy lifestyle. These formulations address consumer’s needs through a measured process: comprehensive research, drug development and multi-staged tests. With green field investment and innovation-driven stakeholders, LifeSurge is contributing to the widespread proliferation of Healthcare awareness and effectiveness.


  • To embrace health as a basic human birth-right
  • To hold-up, with utmost care, the value, “do not harm”


  • To empower people with tools to get back to health
  • To line-up state-of-the-art products that enthral health


  • To provide cellular health by making available innovative, high-quality, value-based health products and accessories
  • To pursue our commitment to quality healthcare through innovation, knowledge-sharing, investing in Human Capital, the repositories of immense knowledge and vision

Mr. Abhishek Bansal

Chairman & Managing Director

At the helm of LifeSurge BioSciences is Mr. Abhishek Bansal, a young, dynamic leader and a true entrepreneur to the core, presiding over the Board of ABans Commodities (I) Pvt. Ltd. as the Chairman & Managing Director. ABans Commodities (I) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading commodity broking and financial services company in India, and the flagship company of the ABans Group with annual aggregate revenues of USD 42 million.

Mr. Kishan A Rao

Chief Executive Officer

A gold medalist in Chartered Accountancy and a Business Management graduate, having 29 years of experience in Banking, Pharmaceutical and FMCG in various fields — Corporate Finance, Costing, Supply Chain, Legal, Capex and Business Development. He is also a key member of the team that did the slump-sale of business dealings with due diligence and business transfer agreements.

Mr. Ramanathan S. Iyer

General Manager, Operations

A Commerce and Law graduate with more than 3 decades of experience in multi-functional and cross-functional roles, covering all facets of pharmaceutical operations, with core-competence in product-sourcing, legal, costing, pricing and inventory management.

Mr. Rajesh C. Jain

Head, Marketing and Sales

A Pharmacy graduate with an MBA in Marketing, with more than 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing specialized in Customer Acquisition, Strategic Planning, Client relationship, Brand Team-building and Sales Management.


We made our first contribution to a brighter tomorrow and a safer today with drugs that will help women and children lead a healthier life.


Healthy is the adjective that you chose for every noun you want to be

Today, women are pioneers, game-changers and role models. Their hustle introduce unique sets of problems every day. At LifeSurge, our long-term as well as short-term goals are towards formulating solutions to empower these independent women with better health. We begin by understanding the varied health and medical needs of women in all walks of life. We spot recurring or frequent lifestyle-oriented diseases or health conditions and devise definitive health solutions to help women lead their lives to the fullest.

Medical professionals, specifically gynaecologist, have dedicated their lives to bettering life of women. They understand that ignorance is the most severe disease faced by women. It will take the collective effort of the entire medical community to educate women about crucial health issues.

Gynaecological challenges, by their very nature, are universal, however, their prevalence, awareness and management vary from country-to-country. In the Indian scenario, there is also the need of breaking social barriers which act as impediments in seeking complete and appropriate healthcare.

LifeSurge is driven by its indigenous, formulation-development capabilities and stable investment. It is making a mark in the Women’s Healthcare Sector with following products:

HCGSurge 2000IU / 5000 IU – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

HMGSurge 75 IU / 150 IU – Human Menopausal Gonadotropin

FSHSurge 75 IU / 150 IU – Follicle Stimulating Hormone

GestoSurge 200 mg SR / 400 mg SR – Natural Micronized Progesterone

OCSurge – Ethinyl Estradiol + Drosperinone

Hemo-Surge – Iron Combination

SunSurge Tablets / Sachet – Vitamin D3

Lifotonin tablets – Melatonin


Health, your greatest gift to your children

For the overall economic development of India, we need to provide a nurturing environment to its future generation. At LifeSurge, our team of experts are in the continual process of formulating products that support a child’s development at all stages.

Through these carefully designed products, we aim to assist physicians, particularly paediatricians, in bettering the lives of their patients. LifeSurge has a dedicated team which understands the challenges faced by our children and has unique products which will empower them with good health.

AirSurge Syrup – Levocetrizine + Montelukast

SunSurge Drops – Vitamin D3

Surgolact Drops – Lactase

Nobarf – Ondansetron oral disintergrating strips


A list of our current vacancies is as under